Welcome to my new column! Each month I will answer your questions, and I am looking forward to it. I deeply appreciate the loyalty and support you’ve shown all these years and I hope to meet you all at the CHiPs gathering next year here in Los Angeles.

God Bless!  -Larry


Dear Mr. Wilcox,

I am a big fan of “CHiPs” and was hoping you could tell me the type of Smith and Wesson revolver that you used on the show. Please help with any information you can provide.


Myles Barrett

Hi Myles!

We had in our holsters a hard rubber gun and sometimes a hard metal gun with the barrel sealed and no firing pin.  I enjoyed shooting at target ranges the 38 personally.


Dear Larry,

 1.      Why are the bottoms of the uniform a different color/shade than the tops in CHiPs?


Hi Laura,

 Different fabrics.  The pants were kind of a stretchy material like football pants.  The shirts were more of a cotton linen.  The pants were quite hot and made you and your legs sweat a lot.  The shirts had a piece of material sewed on to the back of the shirt which you pulled through your crotch and then buttoned the shirt to this flap….we called a diaper.  That made the shirt stay tight to supposedly give better “lines” to the actors.

2.     How would define that fine line of forgiveness? More to the point, how would you get to the point where you forgive someone who has slandered you? I am trying to get to the point where it is okay NOT to have contact with all that drama and negativity, but how do I know I have forgiven?

Laura, Guam

Laura – The ONE thing you can control in life is your THOUGHTS or you can give them control and let the thought dictate who you are.  Psychologists say that your “reality” is created by your choice of thoughts.  So you can perhaps do a bunch of things that may or may not work for you.  You can mediatate and pray and quietly talk to your self and your conscious about this issue.  You can write a journal and watch for a pattern in your quiet thoughts.  And you can create a joyous and peaceful image of this person saying to you they are ALSO sorry.  Your forgiveness is what I call the lightness of being.  The forgiveness gives you a lighter being and a happier conscious.  If you choose to dwell on the negative, and let negative thoughts control you….then you see your habitual pattern of dysfunction.  It is up to you to pick JOY not let them have the Power of your thoughts!


Hi Larry,

Since you are a wine connoisseur I have a couple of questions about wine. What do you think are the best red and white wines out there? Have you ever had Catabwa wine? It is more of a light rose but very good. I keep wanting to try the chocolate wines. Have you ever tried any of them?


 Nancy, the best wines are not what I think or what the wine experts think.  The best wine is what your taste buds dictate…..and only your taste buds!

 For me, my taste buds love the earthy taste of the famous French Burgandies which come from an area called Cote de Nuits.  The most famous and some of the most expensive Burgandy in the world is the Romini Conti wines of Cotes de Nuits.  For example La Tache, Richbourgh, Le Romini Conti, Echezeaux, etc.

 In the U.S. I have compromised and I drink the Pinot Noir from California and Oregon.  My favorite is Joseph Drouhin’s Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley Oregon. I have not tried or tasted the wines you referenced herein.  The best desert wine for me is Chateau D’Yquiem. nHowever, enjoy your journey….as it makes food great.


Dear Larry,

 What do you think is your worst character flaw and why?


 Leanne, Australia

 I have lost my idealism and with it went some of my heart and spirit.  My belief system is injured and I am paranoid amongst people who mantra is to control and punish.

Cheers Leanne!


Dear Larry,

 1) What kind of music do you listen to?

2) What do you think of today’s music artists such as Beyonce etc?

Melanie, UK

 Melanie, I like all kinds of music.  I like some smooth Hip Hop; I like Lady GaGa, I have Bieber Fever; I like country sometimes and love Lady Antebellum; I sometimes like some of Eminem; I like Akon and I really like USHER.  I like SEAL, and I like Jazz and some Latin Flamingo style guitars; I like ballads and Beyonce is cool.  I like R. Kelly; I like the old R&B groups; I like Lee Ritenour; Love Kenny Rankin and John Meyer; Like Jack Johnson especially is concert in France which is my favorite country; like Black Eyed Peas.  I like Tony Bennett’s new songs called DUETS….. Basically, I am a romantic!


Hi Larry,

I was wondering if there are any plans to make (or if anyone has talked about) another CHiPs reunion movie?


Lisa, Baltimore, MD

 Lisa – I have tried for the past two years to buy the rights to no avail.  Warner Bros said they were willing at one time but now seem to be in a slow inactive development period with some people.  I think they are hoping to do a feature film and the orig budget was around $40M.  However, not sure what is reality for this show.


 Dear Larry,

 Whatever happened to the blue truck Jon drove throughout the series? Did they give it to you?

 Bart, Kansas City, KS

 Bart – Not sure what ever happened to that blue truck…..it was just a simple pick up.  Orig they had me in the car I chose which was an Austin Mini Copper from England but Rick Rosner the producer at that time decided that car was not macho enough and so he gave me a pick up in the show.  I went on to race pick ups later in the Baja 1000 and other such off road races.  Every guy needs a pick up……..right?


 Dear Larry,

 Do you ever regret leaving CHiPs when you did?

 Tyler, Dublin, Ireland

 CHIPS’ shelf life was limited.  Certain parties were playing dirty pool and my trust factor was gone.  I knew that it was best to move on in life and so I went and produced my own TV series, The Ray Bradbury Theater.


Dear Larry,

 CHiPs was an icon for a generation throughout the world. It exercised a great influence on the youth of the ’70s and ’80s.Unfortunately we were aware about some problems faced by the cast , the artists and the production a little bit.And those problems and disagreements led CHiPs to a premature, to an early end, including your contract resigned(according to some magazines and newspapers).

 If you had a chance to anticipate these obstacles, what would could be done different in order to avoid its cancel and your absence on the last season?( your personal point of view and opinion)

 Maristela, Brazil

 Maristela, there was a lot of divide and conquer by certain people and in retrospect, the only thing that I might have been able to do was to align myself and my attorneys with these aggressive parties.  However, between the lies and manipulation, I may have committed a moral error if I had gone this way….so I think there was no way to move forward.  I either had to marry the whore or not.  I chose to move on.  Was I a martyr…..absolutely not.  Was I smart….maybe not.  But I was free, light and relieved.  The antics of some of these players that I was working and negotiating with were absolutely despicable.  I would even bring parties my filmed shows; my ideas, my contracts for movies, and they would try and steal them.  These were simply diabolical minds at work on many levels and they sure enjoyed the demonic courtship.  Coping skills around this type of “culture” become difficult and my anger was starting to build.  One of the tools in conflict resolution is to remove yourself from the conflict.  I am happy where I am!



 Thanks for your military service to our country. Why do you think some from your generation did not respect soldiers returning from Vietnam vs. today where it’s quite the opposite? Draft then vs no draft now, more deaths in Vietnam, different generation, or something else? I returned in July after 8 months in Afghanistan and from the airlines to some passengers, I was treated very well all the way home. It’s rather surprising considering the cost of this current war and the length (10 years).

 Thank You,

Sam Evans
Anchorage, AK

 Great question Sam and I am not sure.  My knee jerk reaction is that the media was so opposed to Vietnam that they misrepresented a lot of it to the shock of the American family watching it daily on TV.  Cameras running all the time during fire fights and reports of such were common.  I also think that the Pentagon Papers did not help with the lies our govt created but on the other hand you all had to be involved in the weapons of mass destruction lies and the CIA booting of their own agent for telling the truth.  We really had a lot of deaths in Vietnam and families did NOT want their sons drafted, let a lone killed.  Soldiers, were in fact political fodder in the Nam and that is why the WALL gives me goose bumps and creates rage in my soul today.  What is worse for me, is today, many politicians avoided the military, many judges who judge us avoided the military and service.  So….ironically, who was the idiot here…..Larry Wilcox with his July 4th parade and apple pie attitude or the authority who side stepped it? 

 I am happy you are home and may you control your THOUGHTS and do not let those thoughts and memories control you.  YOU have the power, so take or give it up……..


Dear Mr Wilcox,

I still remember your role as “Joseph,” I think it was during an NBC item called Bible Week. I really enjoyed your performance. Is the show available? Thanks your career.


Not me Jerry….sorry.  I may have been the “burning bush” but not Joseph or Moses or anyone else.  Sorry…..


Hi Larry

I’m very happy about your new column here.It’s a precious chance for your fans throughout the world being in touch with you!Thanks for sharing your time with us!

 I’ve read on your FB page that you’ve studied Chemistry too.What were the reasons that made you give up on Chemistry in order to be focused on your Acting career?Or have you had the chance of working as a Chemist too ?

 All the best,


Hi Mari – I always had this conflict of financial security and fears with intellectual needs.  I began acting and studying acting and it satisfied a lot of character needs of a young evolving boy.  However, I made more money than most doctors and dentists so I decided to forget all the sciences of biology, chem., physics, math, etc!  I really wanted to be a medical doctor but was not ready with my maturity for such.  I matured at a very late date in life and always have felt about 10 years behind……at 30 I was like a 20 yr old.  Not sure why but it was true in so many ways.  I am glad that I took all the sciences and yet know that if I had not satisified my young ego and needs I would have been a terrible citizen.  I feel satisfied now, and really would like to focus on telling stories that refer to the social narrative of the world. 


Dear Larry,

 What was the best part of doing CHiPS that you enjoyed?

Thank you for your time Larry, its so cool that you are doing this column.

 Lorraine, Alberta, Canada

 Lorraine – the best part of doing CHiPs was the money.  The second best part was that I got to heal my personal wounds and ego needs.  The other part was that I got to feel and see in people’s EYES that I made a difference somehow in their tough lives and they needed that quick bit of sugar or perhaps a bandaid of sorts.  I got to travel and see how naïve and narrow minded I was, and that I was such a hick and so limited in my exposure and thinking.  I got to understand that I needed to be a student of LIFE my ENTIRE life and not for just 4 years.  I went to the carnival as a work in progress; left the carnival after riding most of the rides of life as a more whole man.  I miss the economic freedom that anyone has with money and consistent income.  I do have some road kill along my path and I always try to make up for it in some way or other.  I love mankind, and yet I like to be alone and I like simplicity and quiet time with my children and wife and family members who trust and love me.  I, do not like to have angry, disgruntled or jealous people who have sick agendas near me.  CHiPs allowed me the extravagance of sharing some wonderful times, trips, gifts and love with my loved ones.


Dear Larry,

 Do you still get recognized in public? If so do you enjoy it? If not does it bother you?

 Carl, Portland, ME

 Seldom any more but once in a while.  I really enjoy not being recognized because then all parties can have normal conversations.  I always felt like being a celebrity was a burden, an untruth…a manipulative LIE.  It created a lot of anxiety in me as I knew I was just the same as everyone else.  I had some momentary power but it was ephemeral.  I always tell my kids to not get caught up in the power wars….men use their income, their cars, their muscles, their home, their arm piece wives, their political clout and other such FAKE crap as power tools.  I LOATHE power people…..and like to just pitch in and help.  Celebs are often treated like aristocracy…..and a lot of them could not work in a gas station let alone….anywhere else.  The evolution of a celebrity from raw and unpolished gratitude to slick bullshitter is not a wonderful parabolic curve!


Hi Larry:

 My question is about the switch from the Mini to the blue GMC stepside 4×4 truck. How did that come about? It seemed a much better fit for your character and the truck ended up being used a lot more in the show than the mini.

Scott Kauffman, York, PA

 Scott, The mini was the choice of a wannabe creative indulgent actor named Larry Wilcox.  He was so busy being an artiste, breaking down the scripts, thinking of metaphors and symbols, and picking out subtle suggestions that Larry Wilcox thought the Mini would be cool.  I think psychologists call this transference or projection.  LOL

Rick Rosner and I were kind of in conflict.  He had some agendas that were not to my liking.  We were in conflict but…..he was an excellent salesman and marketer.  He was RIGHT and I was surely WRONG ……..about the Mini Cooper that is!


Dear Larry,

Do you enjoy your fans? Have any of them ever become your friends? I think I’d feel pretty good knowing something I did over 30 years ago was still appreciated by so many! Thank you for doing CHiPs!


Midland, TX

 Yes I enjoy my fans and their insights.  I also enjoy the opportunity to share a little bit with them all.  I am surely no great gift to the world but if they have questions and I can shed light on those questions I enjoy that as it is my responsibility as a human being to give joy.  I have known some of my fans for a long time including Sue Walsh and I have grown to like her as a friend along with others.  On one hand, being a FAN can be somewhat scary to me because I cannot understand why anyone would want to be a FAN.  On the other hand, when I get to know these people and we are able to just talk simply about life and they see WE are the same, I enjoy that.  I just wish I could help more people with their pain in life but……I cannot.  My family needs so much and I have only so much more time to provide it and I am lagging.  But, thanks to all for continuing our dialogue and our honesty. 


 Keep your questions coming! See you next month! –Larry


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