Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about Larry and CHiPs. If you have some to add, please let us know!

Jon Baker from "CHiPs"

1. How old is Larry?

Larry is 66 years old. He was born on August 8th, 1947.

2. Can I write to him?

Larry is happy to accept fan mail but can not guarantee everyone will get a personal reply.

3. Why did Jon wear a baton and tan gloves?

The character of Jon Baker was based on a real CHP officer named Robert Hayden. Robert bears an amazing resemblance to Larry and when on duty he always wore his baton and tan gloves, so Jon did the same. Officer Hayden served as a consultant on CHiPs during the first season.  Larry still has the gloves and baton although he was not a big fan of the baton. It tended to get in the way and be hard to handle sometimes!  Also the producers needed to differentiate one character from the other visually so this served that need.

4. Is Larry a veteran like Jon was?

Yes. Larry served in the United States Marine Corps from 1967 t0 1973 and spent 13 months in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive. He was honorably discharged with the rank of Staff Sergeant.

5. Did Larry do his own stunts?

Larry did many of his own stunts, (riding horses, JetSkis, and the motorcycle among others) but for high speed pursuits and other dangerous things, he had a stunt double.  He used Gary Davis in the beginning and later Scott Dockstetter.

6. Are Larry and Erik best friends like Jon and Ponch were?

Larry and Erik were and are very different people with very different agendas and interests.  Larry has no ill feelings toward Erik, but they do not keep in touch. They both lead busy lives and move in different circles.

7. So the feud was real?

No. 99.9% of the time they got along.  Very seldom did they not get along, but some rumor mongering extras and the tabloids preferred to write in drama about them. Larry is a professional and was only interested in making CHiPs the best it could be.

8.  Why did Larry leave CHiPs?

Larry decided to leave CHiPs because he wanted to pursue other creative projects. He didn’t feel challenged on the show anymore and found the studio politics draining.  Recently Larry found out that Erik had gone to the studio heads sometime during Season 5 and demanded that he be fired. Until then he had no idea there was that kind of animosity brewing and still doesn’t have any ill feelings toward Erik-in fact he wishes him well.

9. Will there ever be another CHiPs reunion movie?

It doesn’t seem likely. For some reason, Warner Brothers is holding on to CHiPs with an iron fist but not doing anything with it. The planned movie never happened, and with the cast getting older and having moved on in their lives, a second reunion movie probably won’t happen.

10. When will Seasons 3-6 be released? Can’t Larry pull some strings?

Warner Brothers has no plans to release the rest of series at this time. Larry has absolutely no pull with the studio. Whether they ever release the rest of the series is completely up to them. We suggest writing to them to let them know how much you’d like to see the rest of the series on DVD!

11.  Can I have Larry’s phone number/email address?

Larry prefers to keep his personal info private. You can reach him through the fan mail address, or if you want to book him for a personal appearance, interview, or acting opportunity, send a proposal to and it will be forwarded to him.

12. Does Larry keep in touch with any of his CHiPs cast mates?

Larry sees Robert Pine and Paul Linke from time to time but is not in touch with anyone else on a regular basis. He was overjoyed to see them all at the recent CHiPs reunion though and is still quite fond of them all. His fantasy is that he would create more TV productions and employ them all if they were so inclined.

13. What happened to Jon’s blue truck?

No one seems to know. We hope it found a good home with someone! The Mini Cooper Jon drove in the first season was purchased by Larry when they switched over to the pick up truck and enjoyed as his personal vehicle for many years before it was passed on to his son.

14. Is Larry anything like Jon?

Yes, very much so. Larry says Jon wasn’t much of a challenge because he was essentially playing himself. Both Larry and Jon are Vietnam vets from Wyoming who love horses and are athletic and active. They also have the same kind, warm personality and both tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves!

15. Where can I watch CHiPs online?

Seasons 1 & 2 CHiPs is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon Video. As of now there are no places online where the series can be streamed for free legally.

 16. Is that Larry posting on Facebook?

While Larry does read and post to the Facebook page when time allows, it is run by his personal assistant and close friend Sue and all the posts made by the page are from her. She signs her name to each post to avoid confusion. Larry enjoys the page but just doesn’t have the time to maintain it so Sue does it for him.

17.  What’s this chat room I keep hearing about? How can I chat with Larry?

We have a chat room that we meet in every Friday and Saturday night. Sometimes we have chats on other days too. This past December we had a lovely holiday party there the Sunday before Christmas. Chats usually start around 9pm Eastern, and Larry does join us to chat whenever he can. Click the Chat link  to join us!

18. Will there ever be another reunion movie?

Warner Brothers has no plans for one at this time. Write to them and tell them you’d like to see one!

19.  How long does it take to get a response to an autograph request?

The length of time depends largely on Larry’s schedule. He is a very busy man and always has multiple projects and commitments to attend to. However, he does  respond to every request! Your patience will pay off.

20. What can I send him?

Larry welcomes your cards and letters and you’re welcome to send him photos to sign.  You can even send him photos of yourself, but PLEASE be respectful. Larry has been happily married for 27 years and is not interested in any female attention other than his beautiful’s wife’s!

21. I’m an autograph dealer, will Larry sign some stuff for me?

Please contact Sue if you are interested in arranging a signing or having bulk items signed. Larry will evaluate such opportunities on a case by case basis.

22. Will Larry ever do more acting?

He would like to and has been looking for opportunities. He knows he is not leading man material anymore but thinks he still has a lot to offer as a character actor.

23. Will there be another cast reunion like the one last fall? 

If there is interest from fans and cast by the time the 40th rolls around, you never know!

24. Does Larry have his own Facebook account? Can I get on his friends list?

Yes, he does have his own Facebook account but prefers to keep it private. He is careful about what friend requests he accepts due to past problems and tends to restrict his friends list to people he knows. You are welcome to follow him on Twitter though!

25. Where can I buy CHiPs photos to have Larry sign? 

Right now Ebay is your best bet, but stay tuned. Larry is planning to start offering some for sale in the near future!