As I read some of the provocative Huxley book, The Brave New World, I wondered about what is now happening with America and 10174930_697830796927404_7143532208424814670_nwhere we are all going.  When I read the Vanity Fair article about Edward Snowden and his escape as a hero or traitor from the NSA one begins to see the conflicts we are now having in a Free World which was set in motion, with words like, for the people, of the people and by the people.  When Wiki Leaks and Julian Assange became the hot new headlines exposing the veiled canonized America we so believed in, we began to see a more permeable membrane that had and has been cloaked in a culture of secrecy, a kind of identity and a tarnished mask that we had in the past labeled.  Often times we even pointed our fingers at them, shouted profanities and or in some cases, pointed  a  disdainful vertical finger in the air!

Be sure you monitor and or scale back your reactions in this legal war zone called America.  According to……one in three Americans have a rap sheet and many more have no idea of how complex the laws are or sometimes referred to as the land mines.   For example……Recently a man in Texas got fed up with a paid contractor who refused to finish his hard wood floor.  He gave him one more chance and when the contractor came over with his wife and child, the home owner verbally threatened the man.  There was no physical assault; no weapons were used or shown, just words.  However, when the police came, they searched the home owner’s residence and found a shotgun.  Now the Texas homeowner’s verbal threats carried enormous conviction blaming weight and he was handcuffed and put in jail with a court date that threatens life in prison for aggressive words or threats tied to a weapon against THREE parties.   The Three parties were the contractor and his wife and child waiting in the car.  One wonders if this is another form of gun control as one becomes paranoid of ownership. This might be a subtle reminder for all of you macho men, to please walk away from  all verbal and or physical confrontations as your attorney may or may not know ALL of the laws.

And then we have The Los Angeles Clippers owner, Sterling, and his negative statements labeled as hate crimes and dysfunctional bigotry.  The parasitic press clamored to the site of defecation and wallowed in the drama as “pure politically correct journalists” who cathartically pointed at the hating white man.  Sterling’s very poor choices with his young girlfriend created more intrigue when you found out that his personal quarrels and discussions were being secretly taped by his trusted companion.

Kristen Meghan, another form of whistle blower who talks about Climate and or GEO Engineering and alleging the use of very toxic chemicals being purchased by the U.S. Air Force and being sprayed in the skies.  She claims that at every airport she is taken into a private room and held for inspection predicated on her exposing this.  She has been accused of not proving any facts of a real smoking gun so not sure of her “whistle blowing” but she does add drama or perhaps comedy. And then we have swirling around another whistle blower, Bradley Manning who exposed some cold-hearted facts of the war confused with truth and ironically or not, waiting for a sex change.

We have a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Barton Gellman, suggesting Americans may soon choose to only communicate with their own encrypted keys because posting like this column I wrote and the revealing and consistent time lines of such posts, are or will potentially place us in harm’s way in the future, with all of the surveillance and whistle blowers and lack of stability.    So maybe we should limit our secrets to our fiends, like Monica Lewinsky did with Linda Trip.   Of course Linda brought it to Mr Starr, the investigator and to the world and bruised Bill Clinton while she dealt the death blow to her friend.  And lately you have the government’s BLM cases against ranchers over grazing rights and water rights and the legal liability of such.  Wayne Hage is of course the most famous case and his Senator wife who have long passed away after fighting for 20 plus years to posthumously win a $23 Million law suit and then, just recently, have the courts over turn it and the Supreme Court says they will no longer hear the case, now, or in the future.  Then you have Bank of America, manipulating and taking advantage of the politely labeled home and commercial loan business by riding the stocks up, and shorting them on the way down to make money on both sides of the equation.  These same banks have now reduced their debt portfolio by making deals and funding groups that are buying distressed properties as if they are in a transparent business offering but are backed covertly by the banks.  Many of these large Wall Street Banks are now buying up water and water rights.  Agenda 21, has long been held as a conspiratorial encumbered word but is slowly evolving into truth with ugly tentacles.  As the Snowden article in Vanity Fair stated, we know the so called “deep state”- a government within a government, organized around secrecy and surveillance- is not just the stuff of conspiracy theorists.

I could indulge you with a litany of materials.  I could share with you some of my own personal experiences.  I could expose some of my fellow American’s business practices to prove my points with more conviction but victimhood is not my style.  My style may be a vestige of my 50s and 60s upbringing, a true anachronism.  My style is to find solutions to problems and to hone the spindle of the compass so that north is truly 360 degrees, today and tomorrow.

Overtly compromising your values and integrity in a mercurial fashion depending on the instant gratification you might define as “warranted” has often become the American Way.  Once you establish the price of being a whore, then there is a logical rationale.  Lately it seems like the word transparency no longer fits, and that perhaps is the parallel theory of The Brave New World.  That freedom and happiness are sacrificial items for stability.  Some seem to be attempting to create a seamless, happy, superficial world where we are fed what makes us happy and it is the substitute for truth.  Often truth has been deconstructed by the Jacque Derrida’s of the world but now, truth seems to be so dynamic, so mercurial, so predicated on timing and perspective that it is a moving chameleon.  Girlfriends are reporting or secretly taping arguments; governments are sacrificing soldiers for political victories, surveillance is becoming palatable under “secret courts and laws” that were to be used for 3 months and turned into seven years.  Families are reporting family members and the word “sting” seems to no longer be the proprietary term of the FBI.

The government of Brave New World retains control by making its citizens so happy and superficially fulfilled that they don’t care about their personal freedom. In Brave New World the consequences of state control are a loss of dignity, morals, values, and emotions—in short, a loss of humanity.

So America, who do you trust.  Do you trust the enforcers of all of these complex laws who are the Police?  Do you trust the attorneys who are conditioned to construct and de-construct lives and meanings? Do you trust the banks or the courts in our system?  Do you trust the surveillance of the NSA and our drones or the new electromagnetic pulse weapons?  Do you trust the pesticides and or Monsanto?  Do you trust that the Pentagon is planning on implanting chips in Veterans brains to map the reactions  and “help them with PTSD.”  Imagine Nazi Germany and who reported whom  or what your “chip” said about you?  One might fear the time when trust is a vestige of old thinking, therefore, opening the floodgates for chaos.

The phased solution for me is to reduce my radius of focus and it may or may not work for and or with you.  Labels, accusations, judgment, and all such verbiage huddled into a bacterial infested bag called truth will not work.  It is time to walk the talk with a sanitized focus on self.  It is time for us all to reflect on choices in this world of indulgence and see if they point north.  It is time for all humans to make sure the spindle on our compass is honed to due North with zero standard deviation.  My radius of focus shall be myself, and my immediate family.  My radius of focus shall mean that I should reflect a model for my family and that time should honor such actions.  The grey perceptions are troubling.

As I share some of these facts and concerns with you allow me digress for just a quick moment.  I have enjoyed for multiple decades of being showered in some limited instances with truth and loyalty on a consistent basis.  A long time ago, when I starred in a TV series for NBC called CHIPS, I met a fan .  She was a quiet young girl with physical mannerism of stress and enormous anxiety.  Her eyes darted from the tears mounting in them when I approached her and talked to her.  Her sentences were disjointed and her angelic cheeks flushed.  She stood there and I observed a girl visibly shaking.  I tried to gently comfort her and assure her that Larry Wilcox was real and was caring.  Over the next 30 years this fan and I began to exchange emails and I politely returned her communications.  Over many years she began to do small things for me, here and there and at first I thought she was simply a fan and enjoyed giving.  However, after literally decades of her setting up a radio interview for me, or building me a Fan site or building my company’s web site or offering insights, time, money, sensitivity from her East Coast home the mural of truth was seared in my soul.  This young lady for decades has philanthropically given me her heart and her intellect and even some of her family secrets from time to time.  No, we were never an item but we have always been mutually honored friends.  Sue Walsh has been my dedicated assistant for many years and each time I would show any symptoms of doubt she would show truth.  I want to thank Sue Walsh and her husband for humbly gifting me with the meaning of truth and loyalty during my life time.

May you all find truth, balance, integrity, and loyalty in your relationships?  May you not pass judgment on people when the press feeds the instant gratification hate pill to you.  May you understand that giving without strings creates light….and light geometrically perpetuates TRUTH.  May you find Grace and be blessed with multiple truthful relationships.  And to quote Snowden, code name  “Vertax” Latin for “truth teller”  in the Vanity Fair article…….he states on the nature of freedom……”It is the confidence of purpose that allows you to be truly free.”

Do you have that confidence?

Gratefully and Humbly,