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The 4th Quarter – It Ain’t the Whiskey

Funny how the 4th quarter can be the end in so many ways…..the last piece of pie, the last quarter in a basketball game, and the last three months of the calendar year with three major holidays over three consecutive months.  Halloween is the wake up call of the 4th quarter, and Thanksgiving is the alarm and then comes Christmas, just before New Years.  Some people habitually refer to the 4th quarter with a downbeat mannerism or tone in their voice.  The financial pressures of the infamous 4th quarter are off the charts and some people submit to such...

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The Greatest Escape Ride 2013-A Retrospective

As you all may know, on Sunday, September 22, 2013 I had told Dr. Robert Cameron, famous mesothelioma surgeon and Claire Cameron, the Executive Director that I would do all I could for their planned fund raiser, a motorcycle ride up the coast of California.  It became more than a ride in so many ways so allow this old Hollywood Cop share it with you. A few years ago I was jumping on our trampoline with my boys and I noticed I could only do it two or three times without being completely winded searching for more oxygen.  I went to the doctor and had X-rays and the doom and gloom began.  I asked the X-ray nurse how did the x-ray look?  She said she was not allowed to discuss it and I would have to discuss it with the doctor or specialist.  I countered with…”hey, I am a big boy and it is what it is….and all I want to know is the X-ray clear or not” and she stared at me.  She went on to say there is a “large mass” on your lungs.  I said does large mass mean in a lay person’s vernacular, Cancer and the big C word, and she said she could not comment on that.  Over the next 2-3 months I met with every specialist and the response was becoming standard ambiguity. ...

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Chiller Retrospective

During the CHiPs Reunion that Sue Walsh put on for the entire cast of CHIPS, she talked to me about attending one of those autograph sessions where you sell your photos.  I said I was no longer in the media and I do not think anyone would pay for my autograph but I do have fond memories of the old car shows when we used to do this and leave with cigar boxes of cash!  Sue reminded me that Erik and Robert Pine do these from time to time.  I said yes of course, because they are still in the media and they are marketing their names and brand. During the reunion Sue also introduced me to Calvin Spikes who said that he does these celebrity events and they make good money.  I was distracted by the reunion and just kind of shrugged it off like it was no big deal and really it was not for me. Later Sue politely nudged me again and wondered if I would like to do the upcoming one in New Jersey.  I said for her to get me more information and what do people really make at these things because they sound cheesy to me and I do not enjoy that phony celebrity environment of Cheesy!  Sue talked to Calvin and informed me that some people have made significant money for a...

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It is interesting to see a person conditioned by their environment, blissfully unaware of what is taking place, and yet being molded accordingly.  The simple Pavlovian theory seems to have had an influence on the snarky and the compliant offspring, knowingly and unknowingly.  Do you recall the first time someone complimented you?  Do you remember your reaction and feelings during those memories?  In some youthful experiences one only tastes the dust of the desert and the lack of kinetics in the vacuum-like tube, called home where one eats, and sleeps during the transition from the other competitive world that defines identity.  My home was for a meal here and there and more about it being a tent in between my next carnival or extravaganza. Interpreting social skills and life was not part of my Wyoming upbringing.  Validation came in various flavors and most of which are no longer socially acceptable in this high density concrete jungle called Los Angeles.  So, one asks, who and what evolves when there is very little attention and esteem building tools.  How does one etch out some form of cornerstone for an architectural need called identity?  When discernment is not even part of the landscape of logic, then one takes a scrap here and a scrap there to try a put together some architecture that looks and feels like a poorly designed jungle gym.  But, if...

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Ask Larry-March 2013

Dear Larry, What was the actual top speed you took your KZ1000P to on the show…any episode. On a few episodes you guys were moving along at what looks to be very FAST – was this you on the machine? ….just wondering. Russ Ventura, CA Russ I am not sure but I would guess the top speed I did was 90-95 mph… I was always a little nervous about high speed wobble. I think the fastest I have ever gone on any of my motorcycles in life was maybe 100 mph. I rode the bike at high speeds and slow speeds but most often if it was a dangerous high speed pursuit it was a stuntman and for me that was Scotty Dockstedder who was better on the bike than I was or Gary Davis in the orig episodes.   Dear Larry, My dad was a big fan of your show and I love it too. You’re my favorite. My question is how did you become famous? I’m 8 years old and you’re my favorite CHiPs actor. Rachel Pennsylvania Rachel YOU are famous because you are a miracle. Just look in the mirror and be amazed. Now, when you want to take your FAMOUS self and branch out, maybe you want to sing or maybe you want to act or maybe you want to be a Doctor or a Politician. Who knows? In my case...

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