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Memories of CHiPs

The CHIPS Reunion will bring together a lot of diverse personalities and lives.  I am excited to see my old cast and crew who worked so hard to do a show that was filled with southern California life with the two stars….the motorcycles.  I am also very excited to meet the many fans who loved CHIPS and who employed us indirectly with their viewership. Each of the characters were special and each went on to their own live and in the case of Michael Dorn, bigger stardom.  Often today I think about the egos of each of us, and...

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Two unique gentlemen named Richard Ramos (Bakersfield, Ca) and Anthony Goulet (Dallas, Texas) dedicate their lives to the Flowers (youth) and Gardeners (parents and teachers) of the world as gang interventionist ( They both agree that one of the things that place many youth in a vulnerable at-risk position in life is the absence of a good father or the presence of a bad father. I have interviewed these gentlemen and many others who are on the front lines of crisis management with the youth of America. Parenting is a major issue and teaching parents to model good behavior...

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“We The People”- A Message From Larry

The contrarian might say that bullying by bureaucrats is becoming a time honored form of harassment. Just drive up the coast of California and see all the rancher’s signs by the freeways claiming the injustices by our government because their water rights were turned off and their 100-year old fruit and nut trees are dying along with their estate. Ask a miner who has been enjoying his placer gold mine for years about the land grabbing and the Fed’s subtle and overt tools that run from heavy daily fines to completely fenced off access guarded by Feds with fully automatic weapons. These past weeks Californians lost over 4000 miles of roads-closed in one fell swoop as they slept-creating a de-facto wilderness area. Last night in the middle of the night, a bulldozer came into the Mojave Desert and tore up miles and miles of roads. Twenty million acres are up for closure per the Montana alert. The famous story of Wayne Hage fighting multiple federal agencies for 17 years till his death and winning a long standing lawsuit with compensatory payments to his survivors is a story of ONE of ten thousand Americans who stood the test of time for principles, property rights, water rights and freedom. Wayne Hage was fined, threatened, and  his cattle were rustled and sold at auctions while his water supplies were cut off. He was...

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Easter Memories

The Wilcox Brothers…..Wyoming, Easter, Churches, pranks and FRIENDS here, and gone. Spring and Easter; pinks, yellows and blues; Easter Eggs, Marshmallow Eggs and Chocolate Eggs; Sunrise Services remember the sacrifice of Jesus, and a new Sunday Suit for Randy, Andy and Larry while Sharon would get a new dress to wear to Church circa 1955.   It was very hard for my poor old Mom to afford anything so these gifts were very special and if someone dared to damage them, the war was on.  Today, Randy is gone, Sharon is gone, Mom is gone and the absentee Dad is gone.  Now, just good ole Andy and myself here trying to put our signature on our lives.  Today I was reminiscing about Easter and Wyoming back in the day. It seemed like I visited a lot of different types of Churches when I was a boy as I was trying to find the correct key to the correct lock in life.  I searched many a church!  As my buddy Curt Penman was a Mormon and his family was my surrogate parents in some ways.  They took me often to dinner, vacations, church and even took me to the famous event in Salt Lake called a conclave which was a HUGE event and a beautiful big lit up city to me.    All of the new visuals, the new sounds and the...

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Tell The World You Are Here!

In the past months you have all asked me questions about filming and I have tried to answer them candidly without hurting other people.  I have had many fun times with the film business and I am forever grateful for that “transitioning bridge” in my young life.  I was searching for some success, some indulgence to find myself, and was given an extended hand that many never receive or do not recognize in their life cycles.  Thank you all… was a fun part of my history and in many respects, a defining time as I bounced off the walls of youth!  Without that bridge I often wonder what would have happened.  One time I wrote a script about being left in Vietnam, called Tell the World We Are Here. I often think about it. I am alive and have a family with a future today.  Hope and Faith are nurtured in our household and are stimuli for future growth.  I have my big refrigerator full of food and another one downstairs with a few frozen items.  I have income and I have the ability to create new ways for income in this digital environment.  My economics go up and down and I continue to find solutions thus far.  I am grateful for my Maker and for my ability to navigate tough and good economic times.  I have chased the...

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