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Reunion? *A Short Story by Larry Wilcox*

It is a fascinating existence to enter and exit various points of view as it makes one much wiser. I have always had this voracious appetite to learn more about so many different things and people. Each time I read and explore new information I find myself convinced I am so naïve and so far behind on so many things. As you get older you start to realize it is best to quell one’s opinion because it is simply a perspective that is yearning for fans to generate a consensus of agreement…such a shallow contradiction when one calls for...

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Lassie & My TV Career

In May of 1970 I drove with my new son, Derek and my wife, Judy in our new Pontiac LeMans from the old, parched desert with an unromantic name….29 PALMS. I was a young Sergeant in the USMC, returning from Vietnam and I had just received an honorable discharge from the “Stumps” …. the local handle that was given to the God forsaken Marine Corp base at 29 Palms, California. Stumps was famous for it’s 115 degree summers where we had to run physical fitness tests and people literally passed out. My commanding officer (Colonel) and my Top Sergeant...

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The Yellow Brick Road

Yesterday, I drove through L.A. traffic on the 101 and as a veteran I still got lost and had to back track.  I finally arrived at my destinations which were described as brand new state of the art Hollywood Studios. Side by side big black buildings.  Pull around in back somewhere and park.  I found a quick space on the side, and violated the instructions but parked there.  Now I had made two mistakes. Nam has always made me trust my instinct as it is time honored. I walked down the alley way and stared at these two black...

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Remembering youthful thoughts and girly visions that tickled your tummy and changed your eyes from simple visual tools to lily ponds…… takes me back to the days of The First Date.   I can remember we had to invite a girl during elementary school days to a box social for cub scouts.  I can remember having to do that and wondering why I had to invite a girl as I had nothing in common with her and this was going to create lots of anxiety for the evening.  I knew this anxiety would have a crescendo and I had no...

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Remember when you were 5 or 6 years old, filled with the zeal of life, wishing you did not have to sleep because you were so excited to simply “experience” anything and everything. The joy and sheer awe of those daily experiences seemed to be tented in high velocity and throbbing chaos. The glee of bouncing off a wall, or thing or even a person while being blind to any perception of differentiation was an hourly thing. I can remember growing up down by Sunnyside Elementary School in a 1 bedroom home on a large lot. My Mother raised...

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