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Ask Larry- June 2013

Dear Larry, I really liked your truck on the show. Was it a GMC or Chevy? Did you drive it away from the set? Chris Aledo, TX  Chris, GMC – No I did not take it home as it was not in the best of shape even though it filmed well.  LOL.  I did race a Class 8 Ford Pick up in many races like the Baja 1000, Frontier 500 and such.  We placed 4th in Baja. Hi Larry, I have two questions for you:  first, aside from the character Jon Baker, what was your favorite role to play, and which role felt the most natural to you? I had “moments” of indulgence with a lot of my characters.  For example in the movie the Last Hard Men, I enjoyed the symbolism and my idea of the character nursing his peppermint sticks; on McGyver I enjoyed a few seconds of a scene where you see the deep and dark side of the character; in Dirty Dozen I liked the opening scene with Lee Marvin where I was playing make believe baseball; and on and on….  However, the most natural were roles that did not demand a lot of highs and lows but simply required a steady beat….like Lassie and CHIPS.  Those roles were more Larry Wilcox .. Second, in the instances when you directed episodes of CHiPs, did you...

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Ask Larry-March 2013

Dear Larry, What was the actual top speed you took your KZ1000P to on the show…any episode. On a few episodes you guys were moving along at what looks to be very FAST – was this you on the machine? ….just wondering. Russ Ventura, CA Russ I am not sure but I would guess the top speed I did was 90-95 mph… I was always a little nervous about high speed wobble. I think the fastest I have ever gone on any of my motorcycles in life was maybe 100 mph. I rode the bike at high speeds and slow speeds but most often if it was a dangerous high speed pursuit it was a stuntman and for me that was Scotty Dockstedder who was better on the bike than I was or Gary Davis in the orig episodes.   Dear Larry, My dad was a big fan of your show and I love it too. You’re my favorite. My question is how did you become famous? I’m 8 years old and you’re my favorite CHiPs actor. Rachel Pennsylvania Rachel YOU are famous because you are a miracle. Just look in the mirror and be amazed. Now, when you want to take your FAMOUS self and branch out, maybe you want to sing or maybe you want to act or maybe you want to be a Doctor or a Politician. Who knows? In my case...

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Ask Larry-February 2013

Dear Larry, I know that you were very keen on horses a number of years ago. Are you still breeding and working with horses? What breed are they? My favourites, and probably the most expensive are Arabians and Australian Quarter Horses. Sharyn, Australia No horses right now….just too much work and a lot of Vet bills.  I had Arabs, Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds and Warm Bloods.  I like Quarter Horses.  I think the Amer Quarter horse is now almost two distinct breeds.  I do not like the big boned quarterhorses that work on ranches.  I like the fine boned and smaller and more refined quarter horse in the cutting horse business.   Dear Larry, You didn’t go shirtless on CHiPs as much as your co-star Erik Estrada. Your female fans would have loved more shirtless Jon Baker. Why didn’t you tale your shirt off more? Of course you were acting & not modeling for a hunky calendar, LOL. Sincerely, Tara Smyth Canada Tara – Bo Derek in the Movie 10 almost took off her towel once but did not.  I have always thought that the suspense is more exciting than the naked body.  The naked body should be reserved as that special gift.   Dear Larry, I’m sure you’ve been told countless times how you were someone’s role model or hero. Who were your role models or heroes when you...

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Memories of CHiPs

The CHIPS Reunion will bring together a lot of diverse personalities and lives.  I am excited to see my old cast and crew who worked so hard to do a show that was filled with southern California life with the two stars….the motorcycles.  I am also very excited to meet the many fans who loved CHIPS and who employed us indirectly with their viewership. Each of the characters were special and each went on to their own live and in the case of Michael Dorn, bigger stardom.  Often today I think about the egos of each of us, and...

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“Ask Larry” February Edition

Hello Mr. Wilcox, I was wondering if there were any roles you auditioned for that after seeing the finished project you are glad you did not get? Or any with hindsight being 20/20 you wished you didn’t do? AND what do we need to do to get you back on TV? :0) Thank you, Shana Maple Ridge, BC Shana – No, I am fine with everything I did except sing on the Bob Hope Christmas Special….and it was so bad I got it removed….Luckily! I doubt you will see me on TV again. I just do not see myself scurrying around looking for an acting job as it seems so cheesy for me. However, I would enjoy doing small character roles here and there but I really do not want to go and have to read for a part today. Also, acting to me has lost its appeal. It just does not seem to intellectually stimulate me anymore and I would rather talk and learn about technology or marketing or business. Sorry! Dear Larry, “High Explosives” from CHiPs season 2 features Ike Eisenmann as Barry, the teen who accidentally causes the accident with the 2 sisters. You can tell that Jon feels sympathy for Barry, who is being raised by his single mom. Your performance in this episode seems a little more personal than usual. Did the story hit...

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