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“Ask Larry” November Edition

Larry, I hope you had a Happy Halloween. I have a question about the gloves that Jon wore. Why did Jon have different motorcycle gloves than everybody else? I do understand the country boy wearing his horse riding gloves but he was not a renegade. He was a follow the book type of policeman. And were they more comfortable that regular leather motorcycle gloves? Because the regular gloves that everyone else wore were the basic black gloves for motorcycles back in the 70s and even now I still see that style out there. Sincerely, Nancy There was really no magic to my gloves. The real CHP officer that my character was patterned after was a handsome guy named Robert Hayden and he rode the motorcycle in the opening titles on the freeways with his tan gloves. He was also the Defence Tactical Teacher at the Academy and I would guess that is where the baton came from. Last, in picture making you always want some visual differentiators if the actors are covered with the same clothes and a HELMET. So anything like a baton or color of gloves help with distinguishing such characters, notwithstanding, the obvious……………the TEETH. LOL Dear Larry, Love your column! I have a question about the clothes on the show. When a scene called for Jon and Ponch to be out of uniform, I noticed a...

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“Ask Larry” October Edition

Welcome to my new column! Each month I will answer your questions, and I am looking forward to it. I deeply appreciate the loyalty and support you’ve shown all these years and I hope to meet you all at the CHiPs gathering next year here in Los Angeles. God Bless!  -Larry **************** Dear Mr. Wilcox, I am a big fan of “CHiPs” and was hoping you could tell me the type of Smith and Wesson revolver that you used on the show. Please help with any information you can provide. Sincerely, Myles Barrett Hi Myles! We had in our holsters a hard rubber gun and sometimes a hard metal gun with the barrel sealed and no firing pin.  I enjoyed shooting at target ranges the 38 personally.   Dear Larry,  1.      Why are the bottoms of the uniform a different color/shade than the tops in CHiPs?   Hi Laura,  Different fabrics.  The pants were kind of a stretchy material like football pants.  The shirts were more of a cotton linen.  The pants were quite hot and made you and your legs sweat a lot.  The shirts had a piece of material sewed on to the back of the shirt which you pulled through your crotch and then buttoned the shirt to this flap….we called a diaper.  That made the shirt stay tight to supposedly give better “lines” to the...

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