Hello Mr. Wilcox,

I was wondering if there were any roles you auditioned for that after seeing the finished project you are glad you did not get? Or any with hindsight being 20/20 you wished you didn’t do? AND what do we need to do to get you back on TV? :0)

Thank you,
Maple Ridge, BC

Shana – No, I am fine with everything I did except sing on the Bob Hope Christmas Special….and it was so bad I got it removed….Luckily!

I doubt you will see me on TV again. I just do not see myself scurrying around looking for an acting job as it seems so cheesy for me. However, I would enjoy doing small character roles here and there but I really do not want to go and have to read for a part today. Also, acting to me has lost its appeal. It just does not seem to intellectually stimulate me anymore and I would rather talk and learn about technology or marketing or business. Sorry!

Dear Larry,

“High Explosives” from CHiPs season 2 features Ike Eisenmann as Barry, the teen who accidentally causes the accident with the 2 sisters. You can tell that Jon feels sympathy for Barry, who is being raised by his single mom. Your performance in this episode seems a little more personal than usual. Did the story hit home since you had a hard childhood without a father figure?

Tara Smyth

Tara – each of those episodes I tried to relate to some of my personal life here and there. There was not much drama in CHiPs so one had to be careful not to ACT to much. However, here and there one could indulge a little. Thank you for noticing. 

Dear Larry

I watch you growing up and I could not wait for your show to come on the television, and now I’m studying law on line boy talking about begin tough, they weren’t joking! How hard was it for you to portray a CHP officer?


It was not hard playing a CHP officer because we were not real and we were bigger than life with all the scripts we had. CHP life would be much more boring than our TV series life. CHiPs was kind of like going to a party every week with new girls and new friends. It was a blast.

Dear Larry,

My Wife and I were extras in a movie a few years. go it was fun but. I was surprised at how much time it took to film a few scenes. I was wondering, how many days of filming did it take to make an episode of CHiPs?

Chris from MO

Yes filming takes forever. We shot each one hour show in 6 long days.

Dear Larry,

I was just curious with all that you have done with all your producing and acting, and your long run on CHiPs do you ever think of writing a book . Would be so cool to hear all about your adventures on the set of CHiPs. Also all of your other adventures as well. You have had an awesome career. Thanks for your time Larry.

Lorraine Barnett
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Lorraine- No book forthcoming. I have a lot of stories that is for sure but I also would not want to hurt anyone with these stories. 


I love/loved watching the maneuvers and chases on the motorcycles, whether it was the chases or precision maneuvers. I was wondering if you or any of the cast went through any special CHP training to learn them? Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.
Take care and God Bless,

Pam Alexander
Madison, Ga.

Pam – We went through the CHP motor training with an Officer Scott I think. We learned a lot and we did a lot of the riding in the show. The high speed chases and stunts were of course the stuntmen. We had little wrecks here and there and of course Erik had a bad wreck.

Hi Larry,

Mighty fine of you to answer questions in this column! Thanks for that!

I was wondering if you know how to play the piano? Thanks to you and Sue Walsh, I have your wonderful song, and I can tell you are musically inclined. Do you recall at what age you felt you could actively participate in music? Did it kind of begin from piano lessons as a child? I often regret the fact that I quit piano lessons only one year after I started as a child. Now, I am a substitute teacher, and I have the privilege of subbing in music class as well. Any advice on ‘subliminal’ things I can do to encourage children to continue to enjoy music?

Laura R. Burns
Lancaster, California

Laura – I do not remember how to play the piano but I did study for a while at the Beverly Hills Music Academy and elsewhere. I also studied guitar here and there but really I am a hack. I love music and really enjoy just sitting and watching virtuosos play their instruments. I have set up showcases in the past for great bands looking for agents and managers and I am always the best spectator if you will as I just sit there in awe of their talents. There are some rather quick ways to start playing the piano now days with lead keys and chords which can be learned in a couple of days. That makes the piano fun immediately and you do not have to go and do that boring classical training. This past week some people in NY approached me to help them with their music….and their music is used to teach history to kids. I love all kinds of music! Music appreciation may be fun for kids to learn the different styles, the different tempos, the different instruments and language. It is kind of like learning manners…..everyone should have to take a music appreciation class.


When I was in my youth I was really into BMX racing and even went to the World Championships in 1985. Back then I vaguely remember about Wilcox Racing. I remember seeing you in the BMX magazines and I was wondering what was your involvement in BMX? Did you actually race?

Thank you,

Maple Ridge, BC

Shana – I raced BMX, cars and trucks. I also made a BMX clothing line and a MX clothing line that was kind of cool if I can pat myself on the back! I raced in some celebrity BMX races and won those and then wrecked coming down crossed up and punctured my lung and they thought I ruptured my aorta. I healed and turned out ok….so far.

Dear Larry,
Have you ever watched CHiPs? If so, what did you think?


Barry – I used to watch CHIPS when we filmed it to review the shows and see how we performed or executed. Now when I watch them it is like watching a prehistoric show that is very thin. I just find them boring as hell. But, I am very grateful that I was given the opportunity to be….boring as hell! Thank you all! However, our shows were light, and had a moral to the story and were full of hope.

Dear Larry,

How do you feel about the TV shows of today? I personally feel that the quality was much better back in the CHiPs days. Back then you could watch a great TV show without all the gore and sex of today’s programs!

Miami, FL

TV shows today are much better in my opinion. The entire production is done better and the direction is much more sophisticated. I think the cheap and lazy writing for sex and action is terrible. Just puts such a bad label on art and in most cases is just trite indulgence that we have all seen 1000 times now. The use of Women in the industry in many cases is quite negative and I suppose it satisfies the audience of DUMB MEN. Even News shows and weather people are marketing sex and appeal. I am starting to think ugly is beautiful.with all the lipstick on TV. TV in a way is a social narrative about the shallowness of our society in many ways. The violence and ignorance and joblessness is about the trinity of despair. I am really in need of a new TV menu but I think it will work only on mobile in the future.as people do not seem to enjoy a slow one hour TV series these days.

Thanks for the questions and see you next month! -Larry


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