CHiPs Is Back!!!

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Yes, that’s right long suffering CHiPs fans! After a 15 year absence, CHiPs is returning to TV thanks to MeTV. MeTV is a national networkdevoted to bringing the best in classic TV to millions of happy viewers across the United States. Check your cable or satellite listings to find out where you can watch MeTV if you aren’t already a loyal viewer. MeTV is also available over the air, all you need is an indoor antenna, which can be found online and at big box stores like Radio Shack, Best Buy and Walmart. Still need help finding MeTV? Click here and plug in your zip code to find the channel numbers for MeTV in your state!

Jon and Ponch will return to their beats on September 1st at 6pm Eastern/5pm Central, and all 6 seasons will be shown. Enjoy!!



The Brave New America – VERTAX?

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As I read some of the provocative Huxley book, The Brave New World, I wondered about what is now happening with America and 10174930_697830796927404_7143532208424814670_nwhere we are all going.  When I read the Vanity Fair article about Edward Snowden and his escape as a hero or traitor from the NSA one begins to see the conflicts we are now having in a Free World which was set in motion, with words like, for the people, of the people and by the people.  When Wiki Leaks and Julian Assange became the hot new headlines exposing the veiled canonized America we so believed in, we began to see a more permeable membrane that had and has been cloaked in a culture of secrecy, a kind of identity and a tarnished mask that we had in the past labeled.  Often times we even pointed our fingers at them, shouted profanities and or in some cases, pointed  a  disdainful vertical finger in the air!

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Why Hasn’t the Rest of CHiPs Been Released on DVD? Rumor Rundown

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Hi, Sue here!oie_transparent (9)

As the admin of this site and Larry’s Facebook fan page, I get asked a lot of questions, and the most frequently asked one is by far, “When will Seasons 3-6 be released on DVD?”

Sadly, there’s no clear answer to that. Warner Brothers has been silent on the subject except to say there are no “specific plans” to release the rest of the series on DVD. Why? Well that depends on who you talk to.  There have been quite a few rumors circulating but none have been confirmed: Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day

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_24A4832The WHITE ROSE has always been a nice symbol for me as it stands in a dozen roses claiming to represent eternal love.  As I stare at the feminine beauty and long delicate, sultry petals one might question the reality of the white rose.  It is talked about, you can actually see it and yet you ask is it a real metaphor.  Perhaps, as the senses inhale, good old logic weighs in, and you begin to wonder about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.  Allowing the dubious soul to nibble on these metaphors, similes, and allegories can be entertaining and addictive and on the other hand, the habitual distrust of your romanticism can also be limiting.  So, did you scan your landscape of people and experiences (some actualized some visualized)  throughout the world on Valentine’s Day or did you just plunge into lonely self pity as you coveted the Valentine experience of all those people who get to indulge in love and kisses and mixed with the counterpoints of deep human contentment?  Did anyone almost “worship” you with layers of flirting touches with hourly gifts of sensual courtships?  Or did you get the Drug Store box of chocolates and a note….love ya….Happy V Day…..your horn dog! Continue Reading

Special Announcement From Larry

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Larry104To My Family of Friends:

I have asked Sue to put up a fan store which will offer a multitude of things that may or may not interest everyone but it is in good faith. The store will offer everything from special CHiPs items I have, to photos and some of my old memorabilia and even some trophies and saddles of mine.  Please note that all requests for autographs will now go through this special fan store. You will can choose to have me send you a signed photo for $20 or send your own items to me for $10 each.

We will be introducing a paid membership section of the site as well. Among other perks members will of course get first look at store items and discounts and the non members will be able to buy them once the members have had first look.

Thank you and I hope we can also find special gifts for the members from time to time.


The 4th Quarter – It Ain’t the Whiskey

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Funny how the 4th quarter can be the end in so many ways…..the last piece of pie, the last quarter in a basketball game, and the last three months165746_499040843449_354728763449_6319842_4653902_n of the calendar year with three major holidays over three consecutive months.  Halloween is the wake up call of the 4th quarter, and Thanksgiving is the alarm and then comes Christmas, just before New Years.  Some people habitually refer to the 4th quarter with a downbeat mannerism or tone in their voice.  The financial pressures of the infamous 4th quarter are off the charts and some people submit to such agony and the reality of their very own choices.  Others whimper in childlike grunts and shrieks that may cause a head jerk and a smiling stare as we gaze at this revelation or paradox of a 70 year old man giggling like he was 4 years old.  Reverie at its best as I  indulge in music like the great album by Lionel Ritchie (Tuskegee) and all of the country stars including Darius Rucker, Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Shania Twain, Kenny Chesney, Kenny Rogers, Little Big Town and others.

However, as Thanksgiving ends, and the tempo quickens, and the malls increase in  the density of ants running around purchasing stuff, and the streets are often heated with road rage, emotion, and self-indulgence begins to crescendo,  there is a unique transition that happens a day or two just before Christmas with most of us.  For some, it is an introspective time and it begins to reflect in the furrows of left over seedlings that have not, or will not sprout. We all miss our family members who have passed on and feel a certain loneliness which is often denied as kinetic energy sweeps by in this life cycle.  Yet this is the small increment of dimensional time that taunts one’s deepest sensitivities, beneath most membranes where moisture may erupt.   Merry Christmas to Sharon Kay Wilcox, Randy Wilcox, John C. Wilcox and Marion G. Wilcox and Andy-I miss you.  Since Derek and Heidi could not attend this year, we dearly missed you also!  And with some people during these holidays, there is the fear of facing the long awaited denial of the last Christmas, as they have a loved one facing the choices of the “end” or life on earth and or in this dimension. Continue Reading

Larry & Me

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Hi, this is Sue! I run this website, the Facebook fan community, the chat room, and a bunch of other things for Larry. I’m often asked larryme2how I met Larry and how I came to be his “Girl Friday” of sorts. I shared a little bit of the story on the Facebook page recently and received such an enthusiastic response I thought I’d share the rest of it here.

The story starts of course in 1977 when CHiPs premiered. I was 7, and like most of you I immediately fell in love with the show and its characters. While I loved the entire gang at Central, there was something about Jon Baker that just connected with me. Maybe it was his warmth and kindness, his willingness to accept people for who they were, his gentleness with children, or his determination to make the world a better place in whatever small way he could, but he quickly became my hero. I grew up in a home damaged by alcoholism and its associated problems, and as an only child spent a lot of time alone. It was often painful, and Jon was the only positive male role model in my life for a very long time. I know most of you grew up wanting to marry Jon, but I wanted him to adopt me! Continue Reading

The Conor Lynch Foundation 3rd Annual 5K Run/Walk

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Conor Lynch was the best friend of Larry’s youngest son. On October 19th, 2010, Conor was hit and killed by a distracted driver. The Conor Lynch Foundation was established to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted drivers in hopes of preventing other senseless tragedies. Larry will be there to support this important cause and honor Conor’s memory.

Conor Flyer 2013-page-001

Video of the Week

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Larry discussing racing in Las Vegas circa 1984.

The Greatest Escape Ride 2013-A Retrospective

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As you all may know, on Sunday, September 22, 2013 I had told Dr. Robert Cameron, famous mesothelioma surgeon and Claire photo1Cameron, the Executive Director that I would do all I could for their planned fund raiser, a motorcycle ride up the coast of California.  It became more than a ride in so many ways so allow this old Hollywood Cop share it with you.

A few years ago I was jumping on our trampoline with my boys and I noticed I could only do it two or three times without being completely winded searching for more oxygen.  I went to the doctor and had X-rays and the doom and gloom began.  Continue Reading

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