2016 Personal Appearance Schedule

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  • February 26-28: Wizard World, Cleveland, OH

  • larryautographApril 22-24 Chiller Theatre Expo Parsippany, NJ (with Erik Estrada & Robert Pine)

  • July 29-31: Texas ComicCon, San Antonio, TX (with Robert Pine and Erik Estrada)

  • Oct 28-30 North Carolina ComicCon, Asheville, NC (with Robert Pine)



    These are the only confirmed personal appearances he has lined up so far this year. We’ll update as more are added. Please consult each event’s website for information on tickets, hotels, and times.

    Reunion? *A Short Story by Larry Wilcox*

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    It is a fascinating existence to enter and exit various points of view as it makes one much wiser. I have Broken Roadalways had this voracious appetite to learn more about so many different things and people. Each time I read and explore new information I find myself convinced I am so naïve and so far behind on so many things. As you get older you start to realize it is best to quell one’s opinion because it is simply a perspective that is yearning for fans to generate a consensus of agreement…such a shallow contradiction when one calls for diversity in everything except one own perspective. So today while I was driving home observing diversity with boob jobs at the gym, puckered lips, stretched faces, matched by men in the latest “comb over” or tattoos or ornate jewelry of the 80s or steroids as homage to the vestige of who they were I chuckled. Oh life is simple and yet most, never get to enjoy the simplicity of the lyric. Allow me to indulge you with some retro muses as the old musical group, The Intruders, fill my musical conscious.

    So there was this big class reunion and I thought back at the class mates and the characters and identities. I took a time travel way back and so I remember being 5 years old and going to my elementary school on my little bicycle. I was a big boy now, with no side walk wheels and cruising for a bruising. I remember these girls in my class. One thought she was the toughest girl in kindergarten. She would always bother me and then kick me hard in the shins. I always wanted to kick her back but instinctively I knew this was not acceptable behavior. So when she would build her cute little block house in the class room, I would patiently wait and knock it down just as the teacher was distracted with another student crying or screaming. Oh could I add to that crescendo and it gave me so much spiteful excitement, like one big explosion.

    Continue Reading

    Lassie & My TV Career

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    In May of 1970 I drove with my new son, Derek and my wife, Judy in our new Pontiac LeMans from the lassieold, parched desert with an unromantic name….29 PALMS. I was a young Sergeant in the USMC, returning from Vietnam and I had just received an honorable discharge from the “Stumps” …. the local handle that was given to the God forsaken Marine Corp base at 29 Palms, California. Stumps was famous for it’s 115 degree summers where we had to run physical fitness tests and people literally passed out. My commanding officer (Colonel) and my Top Sergeant had recommended that I stay in and get another meritorious promotion and become an infamous D.I. (Drill Instructor). Continue Reading

    The Yellow Brick Road

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    Yesterday, I drove through L.A. traffic on the 101 and as a veteran I still got lost and had to back track.  I Larry+Wilcox+Festival+Arts+Celebrity+Benefit+bMZKpwpfSpmlfinally arrived at my destinations which were described as brand new state of the art Hollywood Studios. Side by side big black buildings.  Pull around in back somewhere and park.  I found a quick space on the side, and violated the instructions but parked there.  Now I had made two mistakes. Nam has always made me trust my instinct as it is time honored.

    I walked down the alley way and stared at these two black buildings reflecting sauna-like heat onto my body and environment.  One building was marked with a huge red X.  I stared at the red X, wondering about the metaphor and the geometry and the choice of thoughts related to such. Continue Reading


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    LarMarRemembering youthful thoughts and girly visions that tickled your tummy and changed your eyes from simple visual tools to lily ponds…… takes me back to the days of The First Date.   I can remember we had to invite a girl during elementary school days to a box social for cub scouts.  I can remember having to do that and wondering why I had to invite a girl as I had nothing in common with her and this was going to create lots of anxiety for the evening.  I knew this anxiety would have a crescendo and I had no tools to identify or deal with this abandoned feeling of chaos.  All I knew was…bolt!  This was not fireworks…. this was someone smothering me with a pillow.  So out of respect to the female characters in this stream of consciousness retrospective, the names and or identities shall remain secret and veiled so not to injure any of them, or perhaps, injure myself. Continue Reading

    Limited Edition! Signed Photos by Larry and Erik Now Available! *NOW CLOSED*

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    Hi all, we have opened up mail orders again. For a limited time you can purchase an 11X14 JonPonchBluecolor photo signed by both Larry and Erik! Just head on over to Larry’s shop and look for the Limited Edition items! There are three photos to choose from. Shipping is free and Larry ships worldwide. 🙂

    Sorry all, orders are now closed. Thanks to everyone who ordered! Look for your photo in your mailbox soon!


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    Remember when you were 5 or 6 years old, filled with the zeal of life, wishing you did not have to sleep because you_24A4842 were so excited to simply “experience” anything and everything. The joy and sheer awe of those daily experiences seemed to be tented in high velocity and throbbing chaos. The glee of bouncing off a wall, or thing or even a person while being blind to any perception of differentiation was an hourly thing. Continue Reading

    Support The Connor Penhall Memorial Cup!

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    Connor is Bruce Penhall’s son. He was tragically killed by a drunk driver three years ago this month. He was only 21. The drunk who was responsible is serving 10 years in prison. Please go and support the racers if you can! Larry will be there doing the same!



    Free Gift From Larry to You!

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    I recently had the pleasure of making some great friends at Westgate Resorts, while staying at the Westgate Town Center in Orlando, Florida.  What a GREAT location!  This 5-star resort property is just one mile from Disney and has plenty of space to accommodate small or large families.  I was so impressed with my visit that I wanted to share it with my fans!

    My friends at Westgate have allowed me to offer all of my fans a free night at any of their great locations, including Orlando, Las Vegas, Gatlinburg, Myrtle Beach, Branson, Park City, or Williamsburg, so call them at 1-800-409-8475  to get your FREE night.


    In Honor of Conor

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    Conor Lynch was the best friend of Larry’s youngest son. On October 19th, 2010, Conor was hit and killed by a distracted driver. The Conor Lynch Foundation was established to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted drivers in hopes of preventing other senseless tragedies.

    Visit for more info.